PARS DATA DOWNLOAD TABLETS provide high speed tachograph data download and on-site data analysis thanks to the latest technology solution available. It is possible to instantly detect errors by analyzing the tachograph data downloaded to the tablet in the vehicle or in the field. From the Digital Tachograph:

  • Downloading Vehicle Data.
  • It is possible to download the data of the driver card.

Start Menu

Pars DL101 digital tachograph data download device is presented to you in a completely ready-to-use format. Therefore, after turning on your tablet, you can start using your Pars DL - 101 digital tachograph data download device without any activation.

Vehicle Data Download Menu

With the download all data button, you can download all the data in the digital tachograph at once. In addition, activity, event-breakdown, technical information, detailed speed, general information download options are also available.

** Legally, every 30 days at the latest, all of the vehicle. You need to download the data.

Driver Card Download Menu

You can download the data on your driver card inserted in the Digital Tachograph with the Download Card from Vehicle option.

** By law, you are required to download the data of the driver card every 25 days at the latest.